What to expect here

This site is many things. For teaching guests it is a collection of activities and resources I have created and used in my career as an educator. This includes materials created for and with classes, presentations I have given as well as preparation for presentations I may give or have had the inspiration to produce regardless. Please use and share any of these as you wish. Just be kind enough to mention me.

For potential employers it is a resource of my career to date, highlighting what I have been up to since starting my Master’s in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on ICT integration in the classroom. You can also find my curriculum vitae, teaching philosophy and a variety of other supporting documents including references either on this site or linked to it. I am also listed on Search Associates with six confidential evaluation forms available there.

For myself it is a track of classroom experiences in my life as a self-imposed ronin teacher in the Kanto plains. I type, save and post out of chronological order intentionally as my blog is my business and, even though I only blog about positive experiences, I do not assume to know the minds of all those I work with, for or interact with. In order to further protect the privacy of others the dates of my posts do not match the dates I worked at specific locations. Protecting the privacy of others is paramount in my blogs.

Sean Thompson


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